Sodium nitrite

Sodium nitrite



Technical specification

Appearance white crystals
Sodium nitrite (NaNO2), min. 98,5%
Sodium nitrate (NaNO3), max. 1,0%
Chlorides in terms of NaCl, max. 0,17%
Insolubles, max. 0,03%
Moisture content, max. 1,4%


Due to its chemical properties sodium nitrite has widespread application in various industries. This substance is a key component in the production of diazo-dyes and other organic compounds used in the manufacture of organic dyes and inks. In a number of industries, including the automotive and aviation industries, sodium nitrite is used to heat and chemical-heat treatment of metals, alloys, and parts of them.
In the production of synthetic rubber and rubber, sodium nitrite is an essential supplement to regulate the polymerization process.
Thanks to anti-corrosion properties, sodium nitrite is also used as a coolant in the thermal energy storage for large air conditioning systems and industrial refrigeration.
In food industry, sodium nitrate is widely used as a food dye and as a preserving additive and is referred to as Е250 additive.


Available in PE 25 kg bags or 50 kg palletized bags.

Note: The product absorbs moisture from the air. As a result of this it can very rapidly cake and thus harden under adverse conditions.