Monoammonium Phosphate NP 12:61

Monoammonium Phosphate NP 12:61


Appearance White crystals
Nitrogen (ammoniacal form) 12±0.3%
Water-soluble phosphates P2O5 61±0.5%
Moisture content, max. 0,3%
Insolubles, max. 0,1%
pH (1% solution) 4,5
Solubility (in water at 25 °C) 37,1 g/100 cm3
Bulk density 0,95-1 mt/m3

Methods and Rates of Application:

Applied as a solution for root fertilization.

Root fertilization:

Vegetable and flower crops 2,0 g/l
Ornamental and berry bushes 1,5 g/l
Fruit trees 1,5 g/l

Frequency: Once in 10-15 days.


Source of nitrogen and phosphorus in readily available for plants form.

Efficient during plant root system formation stage.

Provides plants with nutrients along entire vegetation period.

Should not be mixed with fertilizers containing calcium or magnesium.


25 or 50 kg bags (palletized), 1000kg big-bags.

Transport and storage shall comply with SDS specification.