AN - Ammonium nitrate

AN – Ammonium nitrate


Appearance White prills
Total nitrogen (N), min. 34,4%
Moisture content, max. 0,3%

Granulometric composition:

under 1 mm, max. 3%
1-4 mm, min. 95%
under 6 mm 100%
Granule static strength, min. 2 Mpa


Straight nitrogen fertilizer.

Ammonium nitrate is the most well – known source of nitrogen.

Contains the readily – available nitric form of nitrogen. Also contains nitrogen in the ammoniacal form to provide nutrition for plants during the whole growing period.

Efficient for all types of crops when used as either spring, pre – planting or for top dressing application.

Especially efficient for early – spring nutrition of cereals.

Excellent storage and spreading characteristics due to superb granule strength.

Produced from pure raw materials.

Suitable both for straight application and blending.

Fully water – soluble.

AN is available in bulk or big-bags (500-1000 kg) and on the request in 25 or 50 kg bags.

Should be stored under cover.