Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a variant of nitrogen—when mixed with oxygen, it acts as an anesthetic agent.

Nitrous Oxide is a medical gas commonly known as “laughing gas,” and dentists began using it as an analgesic in 1812. Since then, this medical gas has been used in numerous surgical procedures as both an anesthetic and analgesic.

There are certain times when this medical gas is contraindicated. Patients undergoing those types of procedures are provided with a medical gas warning wristband that alerts your facility’s staff not to administer it.

As a medical gas, it is still used in operating rooms.



as a component for AdBlue®;

for production of plastics, glues, and pitches.

Package: Bulk and on the request in 25 or 50 kg bags.

Guaranteed shelf life: 6 months.

Should be stored under cover.