NPK water-soluble UNIVERSAL

NPK water-soluble UNIVERSAL
18:18:18+3MgO+TE, 19:19:19+TE, 20:20:20+TE

Technical specification

QUALITY CHARACTERISTICS 18:18:18 +3MgO +TE 19:19:19 +TE 20:20:20 +TE
Total nitrogen (N) 18% 19% 20%

Of which

Nitric nitrogen 5,4% 10,5% 6%
Ammoniacal nitrogen 3,6% 8,5% 4%
Ureic nitrogen 9% 10%
Water-soluble phosphates as P2O5 18% 19% 20%
Potassium (K2O) 18% 19% 20%
Magnesium as MgO 3%

Microelements (* – in chelated form), min.:

Boron (B) 0,02%
Copper (Cu)* 0,01%
Iron (Fe)* 0,1%
Manganese (Mn)* 0,05%
Molybdenum (Mo) 0,01%
Zinc (Zn)* 0,01%

Root fertilization:

Cereal crops 0,07-0,15 % solution (0.7-1.5 g/l of water)
Technical crops 0,1-0,2 % solution (1-2 g/l of water)
Fruit crops 0,1-0,3 % solution (1-3 g/l of water)

The solution is applied onto leaves by a sprayer in the following quantities:

Cereal crops 0,7-1 % solution (7-10 g/l of water)
Technical crops 0,8-1 % solution (8-10 g/l of water)
Fruit crops 0,6-1% solution (6-10 g/l of water)


The balanced water-soluble UNIVERSAL 18:18:18+3MgO+TE, 19:19:19+TE and 20:20:20+TE were developed for complex plant feeding at all growth stages. It ensures correct development of plants throughout entire vegetation period. It is efficient during stress periods (drought, water logging, damage caused by diseases and pests, etc.).

The product is made from ecologically clean raw materials and contains no sodium, chlorine and heavy metals. The fertilizer quickly dissolves in water. It is intendent to use in greenhouses, open field and foliar application.

25 kg PE bags (palletized).

Store in a dry and waterproof place, away from the exposure to moisture and direct sunlight.