NPK 10:26:26

NPK 10:26:26


Appearance Grey-pink granules
Total nutrient content, min. 60%
Total nitrogen (N) 10±1%

Of which

ammoniacal N, min. 10±1%
nitric N, max. none

Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5):

availableP2O5 26±1%
water-soluble P2O5, min. 18%
Water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O) 26±1%
Moisture content, max. 1%

Granulometric composition:

under 1 mm, max. 1%
2-5 mm, min. 90%
under 6 mm 100%
Granule static strength, min. 3 Mpa


Complex N-P-K fertilizer.

Contains the three major nutrients in one granule.

Efficient for all soil and crop types.

Especially efficient for vegetables, cereals and fodder-crops as either an autumn or spring pre-planting fertilizer.

Excellent storage and spreading characteristics due to superb granule strength (tested to spread accurately up to 30 m).

Produced from pure raw materials.

NPK 10-26-26 is available in bulk or big-bags (500-1000 kg) and on the request in 25 or 50 kg bags.

Should be stored under cover